From design and drafting services through to council approval and interior design, we work with you to deliver your dream house, within budget and exactly as you want it.

Creating dream spaces

Transform with confidence

Explore services that redefine spaces, from detailed drafting and interior design to comprehensive project management and PassivHaus design options; all delivered with your vision and budget in mind.

Design and drafting

Bring your vision to life with our expert design and drafting service, where detailed plans and 3D visuals are tailored to match your unique ideas. We focus on blending precision with creativity, ensuring every aspect from initial sketches to final designs truly captures your vision.

Experience the balance of professionalism and innovation in our work, as we meticulously craft each detail to reflect your desired space. Our approach combines technical expertise with artistic flair, creating spaces that are both beautiful and perfectly aligned with your expectations

Interior Design

Revamp your space with our Interior Design service, blending creative mood boards and 3D renders with practical plans to shape a space that's truly yours. 

It's all about turning your ideas into a place where every corner reflects your style and needs. From the overall flow to the choice of finishes, we ensure that every detail caters to your comfort and complements your lifestyle.

Consultation and project management

Simplify your project; let us guide you through the process and take over all the requirements. We’ll handle all the details and ensure you enjoy your experience from start to finish, making every step clear, managed, and free from the usual hassles and complexities. 

Our expertise means your project advances smoothly, keeping you informed and confident from the initial concept to the final celebration.

Optional additions

Choose our PassivHaus certified designs, BIM modelling, or immersive 3D visualisations to add that personal, sustainable, and high-tech touch to your project, ensuring each detail aligns with your vision for a space that's both innovative and intimately yours. 

These optional enhancements bring your plans to life, offering a glimpse of your future space with unmatched clarity and precision.