Dee Why

Seemless first-floor addition with stunning ocean views

This project added a master suite with a balcony to the first floor, enhancing the home with unobstructed ocean views while maintaining its original style.
  • Focus
    The clients aimed to maintain the existing style of their home while adding a first-floor master suite that capitalised on the breathtaking views over Dee Why beach. The goal was to create a harmonious extension that blended seamlessly with the original structure, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of the property. A master suite with an adjoining balcony was envisioned to offer unobstructed ocean views.
  • Delivery
    The completed project successfully integrated the new first-floor addition with the home's existing design, preserving its character while introducing modern comforts. The master suite, featuring expansive windows and a private balcony, allowed the clients to fully enjoy the panoramic beach views. This thoughtful addition not only elevated the home's elegance but also provided a tranquil space that maximised the stunning coastal scenery.
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